Bruce Elgort reports:

Tonight I spent 30 minutes, yes only 30 minutes installing the IBM Workplace Services Express software that we received at Lotusphere. I setup the software on a PC with 2GB of RAM, a 2.8GHZ AMD 64 bit processor and a fast 80gb IDE hard drive.
Oh and did I mention that adding a new portlet to your Workplace is as easy as dragging and dropping?
A number of you who were not at Lotusphere (or who discarded the contents of your conference bag without looking ;) have asked me about obtaining an evaluation of IBM Workplace Services Express.  I checked with a colleague, and the plan is to make an evaluation available for download by all PassportAdvantage customers later this quarter.  I'll blog/announce the details on how and when once they are available.
Update: Apparently, the CDs were only in the bags for Lotus Business Partners, not for customers.  Some customers were able to get the CDs on the product showcase during the week.  At any rate, it will be available to all, soon, for evaluation.  Stay tuned.

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