Calm before the storm

September 18 2011

Late last week, I was rather forcibly asked about my availability for an upcoming international customer meeting, and I had to say, uh, could we do it in November? Only in trying to parse that did I realize how busy things are in the coming weeks.

As is clear from my last blog post, the next two weeks are pretty busy gearing up to launch Notes/Domino 8.5.3. There's a lot going on with the new release, and we need to ready content, sales training for IBMers and business partners, FAQs, and the whole deal. That activity has been underway, of course, but getting things lined up and ready to go is the exciting part of any new release for a product manager. So we're busy.

We also are going to launch a new application server flavor of Domino at the same time as 8.5.3. We've briefed some partners under non-disclosure and will be doing more in the coming days; I've, uh, alluded to some of the details (not all!) at various events as well in the last few months. That has been a multi-month effort this year, and I'm excited to go live with that new offering in October as well.

Right after the 8.5.3 launch, the Collaboration Solutions team at IBM is hosting our annual invite-only Leadership Alliance meeting, where we start to preview plans for the subsequent year. It was at this event in 2010 where I first semi-officially took the reins of the messaging and collaboration business, and what a year it has been. Now it is time to talk about Notes/Domino "Next" in detail, lay out a roadmap for "social mail" in the context of social business, and pack in a few surprises as well. The event, as it has been, is under non-disclosure, but I'm sure there will be pieces discussed as we plan the path to Lotusphere 2012 and beyond.

The subsequent week, I have an intense week in Europe including the Spanish user group (ESLUGSPHERE 2011) en Madrid el 17 Octubre (Yo presentaré en español en éste evento, otra vez); the central/eastern Europe partner summit in Wroclaw, Poland on 18/19 October, and my first-ever visit to Wales on the 20th. Phew!

So while there are three trips in there, the total number of days away from the office is relatively small, and I will be here riding the wave through this launch and milestones. Then it is time to think about Lotusphere.

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