Pearson International Airport fire trucks reached the scene of Tuesday's fiery crash landing just 52 seconds after the Air France plane touched down, the airport's fire chief said Wednesday.

"By that time, approximately three-quarters of the passengers had come down the chute and into the field," said Mike Figliola, fire chief with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority.

The speed of the response was matched only by the speed with which Air France Flight 358's 12-member crew got the 297 passengers away from the burning wreckage, Figliola said at a news conference. Everyone was out within two minutes, he said.

"The crew did a great job," he said. "This is what they're trained to do and they did it perfect."
I see that in the US press, this story has already moved away from the headlines.  Ah, the irony -- if it had been a more tragic accident, it would still be top news.

The story is incredibly amazing.  Think about clearing everyone from an airplane -- a huge A340 -- in just a minute or two!!  Good training and human instinct, clearly.  

My friend Karen was in Toronto last night, and described people arriving at the hotel in bare feet, no passports, no clothes, airplane blankets wrapped around them.  It's a real credit to the airplane designers and engineers, the crew, airline maintenance, and the passengers that they made it, though.  Wow.

Link: CBC.CA: Rescuers sped to flaming jet in 52 seconds >

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