Been a while since we saw a head-to-head of Notes/Domino vs. Microsoft Exchange/Outlook.  Even when given credit for the beta Exchange 2010, Microsoft still loses!

For Installation, points go to Lotus. The install process is a smooth one because the installer contains all of the necessary files to get Domino up and running in a relatively short amount of time.  ...

In terms of interoperability and customization, Lotus is the clear winner over Exchange. However, all of that customization horsepower can lead to a level of complexity for Notes administrators. Businesses are opting more for the shrink-wrapped feature set of Exchange. [Ed: not sure I agree with that...] An added plus for Lotus Notes is the ability to install on multiple platforms and operating systems.  ...

It would seem that IBM's pricing far exceeds Exchange. Yet, considering Domino is a platform upon which Notes and virtually limitless applications can run, it is economically reasonable. Also, the fact that Domino and Notes can run in an open-source environment can really reduce the amount an organization would otherwise have to spend on operating systems and other proprietary software licenses.

By the time an enterprise has purchased Exchange and the CALs for it, plus the Windows Server license and CALs for Windows Server, costs begin to snowball.

The edge in pricing, when all is factored in, goes to Lotus. You simply get more bang for your buck.

The bottom line: Both Exchange and Lotus have their pros and cons. We felt Lotus excelled when it came to installation, interoperability, customization and what you get for the price. Exchange, we believe, is superior in performance and feature set. The deciding factor was the edge in pricing value that Lotus has over Exchange.
There are certainly places to quarrel with (on both sides of the debate), but overall, this is one of the best reviews I have seen in terms of focusing on the value and business benefits of the respective products.  What's the overall impact to IT, and the overall benefit to the organization?  With those criteria, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino wins!

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