Firefox is already used by about 10 percent of IBM's staff, or about 30,000 people. Starting Friday, IBM workers can download the browser from internal servers and get support from the company's help desk staff.
For IBM, the move is a significant step in lessening dependence on a product from rival Microsoft.

By supporting Firefox internally, IBM is also furthering its commitment to open-source products based on industry standards, said Brian Truskowski, chief information officer at IBM.
This is very good news.  I've been using Firefox almost exclusively for many many months.  There are still two IBM applications I access today that are IE-only; with this announcement, plans have been conveyed as to when those go away.  I'm still not quite ready to move my primary desktop environment to Linux, though there are a lot of IBMers doing so.

And as long as I'm writing about ways to move away from Microsoft technology, I'm thinking about buying a Mac Mini for my daughter to use....

Link: CNET: IBM backs Firefox in-house >

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