Matt Asay catches one of the more interesting parts of yesterday's IBM pre-earnings announcement:

For all the doom and gloom in technology spending in the United States and Western Europe, IBM's results suggest that there's a world of opportunity in emerging markets. ...

For net new growth, however, the smart money is paddling overseas. The question, however, will be whether open source can beat the Proprietary Bloc in these new, relatively untapped markets. I'm not sure that it can, but I believe it will compete much more effectively in such markets where the incumbents aren't incumbent.
One of the largest wins for Lotus Domino in 2007 came from one of these emerging markets, where IBM's ability to offer a total solution at a competitive price made the difference.  Lotus's ability to provide different approaches for different customers, as opposed to the often one-size-fits-all view from the competition, is paying off.

Link: CNET: IBM wins big in emerging markets >

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