In preparation for my day here at Lotusphere Comes to You - Stockholm, I was given a translation of a post-Lotusphere article in Computer Sweden.

IBM säger sig vara trött på Microsofts utspel riktade mot Lotus Software-gruppen. Det här märktes tydligt under användarkonferensen Lotusphere, där tonen var mer aggressiv än tidigare.  ...

- Vi tänker inte ligga ner och bara ta emot längre, säger Ed Brill, som har den otydliga titeln Business Unit Executive men som hanterar mycket av den mer inofficiella kommunikationen med utvecklare och användargrupper.
Translated, that says:
IBM says it's tired of Microsoft's actions aimed against the Lotus Software Group.  This has been clearly noticeable during the Lotusphere user conference, where the tone has been more aggressive than before. ...

"We're not going to just lie down and take it anymore," says Brill, who has the ambiguous title of Business Unit Executive yet handles much of the more unofficial communication among developers and users.
Ambiguous?  Laughed out loud at that.  My job is pretty clear, just the title is a mouthful.

The rest of the article discusses the competitive positioning done at Lotusphere, including the announcement of the Lotus FUD responder blog, the "Hannover" announcement, and the next version of Lotus Sametime.

Link: Computer Sweden: IBM mer aggressivt mot Microsoft >

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