Brian Benz alerted me to CRN's coverage of IBM Partnerworld, which took place earlier this week.  Specifically, (emphasis mine):

IBM has quietly begun an overhaul of its online partner relationship management systems....
To make it easier for IBM Business Partners to find each other, IBM is consolidating databases from different organizations into a common database that will be built atop IBM's Lotus Domino software, [IBM Vice President Donn] Atkins said. The partner network then will be tied to a deal-registration system built and managed by BlueRoads, said Axel Schultze, CEO of BlueRoads.
A major new IBM-wide system, being built and deployed atop Lotus Domino.  Good news for all of us, especially since this is a significant proof point that IBM continues to value the unique attributes of the Domino platform, and build IBM's own business around it as part of the overall Workplace vision.
Link: CRN: IBM Works On Deal Registration With ASP BlueRoads >

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