The term "RAD" (rapid application development) is often used to describe the capability to quickly build and deploy applications on Lotus Domino. It's been one of the product's core strengths going all the way back. Of late the analysts say the term "RAD" isn't that interesting, but I think when you see David Leedy's demo of building an XPages application in three minutes forty five seconds, RAD sounds pretty compelling:

I've been spending a lot of time on the application development side of the Notes/Domino business in the last several weeks. I've learned that we'll be announcing XPages workshops like last year's series soon, more books, and more code. As I've also alluded to in comments on some of the other blogs, I'm looking at licensing and packaging options to make it easier for XPages applications to be built/deployed in a cost-competitive way.

This video got me jazzed up about the future with XPages. I feel like the timing is right to run harder at making XPages successful.

Link: Notesin9: The Great XPages Race >

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