A great meeting of the local user group last night.  About 20 in attendance, with a good 90+ minute discussion.  Since there was an ND7 launch in the DC area just a couple of weeks ago, I eschewed my normal presentation format and made it more of an informal Q&A.  The evening meeting time further contributed to the relaxed atmosphere.  So, great discussion overall -- competitive stuff, Workplace stuff, NSFDB2 stuff, and the usual "Lotus marketing sucks" stuff. :)  Thanks to all who attended -- that was one of the best user group meetings I've done in a long time (with no offense to the other user groups or anyone in Toledo).

Special thanks to ICI and Jack Dausman for hosting the meeting (and for the cool t-shirt), and Neal Agate for transportation services and arranging the "geekdinner" after the meeting.

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