A detailed new article covering the use of Domino Web Access lite mode.

Lotus Domino Web Access Lite is primarily intended for users accessing Lotus Domino Web Access over slower network connections, such as when traveling. Users accessing Lotus Domino Web Access at kiosks, where typically no design information is cached, also benefit from this new mode. Some developing nations have prohibitively expensive high-bandwidth networking costs, so in these regions, Lotus Domino Web Access Lite can provide access to mail without the need for a high-bandwidth network.

This article provides an in-depth introduction to Lotus Domino Web Access Lite, including accessing Lite mode, navigating the user interface, and working with your mail, calendar, and contacts. In addition, this article covers some of the functionality available in Lite mode, such as the rich text editor, type-ahead, spell check, and the support console, and it discusses the architecture and performance results of Lite mode.
Did you know that later this year, the "iNotes" brand will return instead of using Domino to describe DWA?

Link: developerWorks Lotus: Introducing IBM Lotus Domino 8.0.1 Web Access Lite mode >

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