If nothing else, a "make good" for the mindshare issue around IBM's presence in the real-time market that was raised in discussion on this morning's previous blog entry...

David G: Where does IBM see this type of collaborative technology going in the future?

David M: IBM sees presence becoming more and more pervasive, and our focus and partnerships relating to mobile devices is a major step in that direction. We see much more granular presence and availability--where my context, location (perhaps based on GPS), and the person's relationship with me are all part of whether the person sees me as available. We also see presence as being much more than a property of Buddy Lists. It will, and already does, permeate IBM products, showing up in the context of all our business processes; and in many cases it will be roles, not individuals, that you'll see as available.
Link: DominoPower: an interview with IBM's David Marshak on real-time collaboration >

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