A 29,000 user deployment of IBM Workplace...

As part of a three-year rollout, SFSU will bring unified e-mail, calendaring, group collaboration, and Web conferencing to students, faculty, and staff. Students, faculty, and staff will get customized portals when they log in. For instance, faculty will be able to make class assignments in one place that will automatically show up on the personal calendars for each student in the associated classes. Students will be able to send instant messages to their instructors, collaborate in team rooms, and jump to full-fledged Web conferencing for projects and everyday collaboration work.

"In addition, all the students in a class will be able to instant message with each other because we'll create a buddy list from each class roster. So at two in the morning, because students are sort of nocturnal, they can look over and see some of their classmates, IM them, and say 'Hey, I don't understand this formula, can you help me?'" Rood says. "This builds a community and it helps the students learn better. We're really fostering the process of teaching and learning."
Link: e-Pro: San Francisco State University Moves to Workplace in a Big Way >

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