Event reporting

March 9 2006

Wow, there are a lot of Lotusphere Comes to You event reports being blogged this week!  I haven't even written about this morning's event in Oslo (waiting for some translated materials first), but here are some other reports:

  • Chris Miller blogged from LCTY in Saint Louis.  66 people... some commentary by Chris, but he appears to have gotten distracted by the free lunch.
  • Laurette and Giulio cover the Sydney LCTY event.  Giulio wonders, "even though it's all very impressive are we at the point now where technology is too far ahead of the user base ? "  Laurette was impressed by the Workplace Forms presentation (see, I told you :) and starts to grok Activity-centric collaboration.  Both of them mention the desire to bring back Lotus Fusion....are my marketing colleagues down under reading?
  • Matt White covered the inaugural LNUG UK user group meeting, held the day after the London LCTY event.  Good job, Ben on putting together a great agenda.
More tomorrow, after my last LCTY of this week -- Heisinki!

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