(Updated: Correct list of IBM Workplace software now identified.  Thanks, Shawn...)

How the US's Major League Baseball is using IBM Workplace software (including Workplace Web Content Management, Workplace Forms and Workplace Services Express) to deploy time-sensitive projects quickly...

Using IBM software that included its Workplace collaboration applications for enterprise content management, document sharing and Web portal development, the league said it had its first WBC-related operations up and running in less than a month.  ...

"The requirements changed so quickly and dramatically as the event got closer, most people wouldn't think you could accomplish everything that was done," Boland said. "If someone had pitched this as a six-month project two or three years ago, I don't think they could have come close to what we were able to build."

The consultant said sourcing many applications from a single vendor that had already been integrated to work together was one of the biggest payouts of selecting IBM. While piecing together independent applications from multiple companies was an option, Boland said that process alone would have added lengthy development work.
Link: eWeek: IBM Collaboration Tech Helps WBC Play Ball > (Thanks, Don)

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