A very wide-ranging interview with Mike Rhodin.  He discusses his vision for the future of productivity and collaboration, the "Hannover" Notes release and its architecture, market share, and innovation.  Sample quote:

One of the dangers we all recognize is the e-mail mentality where you live in your in-box. There is more to life than e-mail, and what we've been studying for the last couple years in research is focusing in on how people work in organizations, how do they work, what do they work on, how do they organize their work, and we think this activity-centric model really starts to capture how people do work in organizations and starts to introduce new tools and organizing principles in the UI that allows people to work more naturally around what they actually do.

In-boxes, by nature, tend to be last-in, first-out, so if you get flooded with e-mail, something important may be on page two or page three, but you tend to see what's on page one. I tend to work in a more project-oriented way, so being able to organize things around project or activity seems like a more natural way to me to drive value out of the organization.

But we want to make sure the user experience is flexible to support whatever mode people want to work in ... whether IM is their primary communication vehicle or whether e-mail is their primary vehicle.
Read the whole interview...very good stuff.

Link: eWeek: IBM GM: Lotus Seeks to Advance Productivity  > (thanks for finding this first, Duffbert)

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