IBM and Canonical ramp up the message around the client for Smart Work...

Citing recent Gartner research that said migration to Windows 7 could cost businesses around $2,000 per user due to new PC requirements, IBM said its Client for Smart Work package is geared to help companies save up to 50 percent per seat on software costs versus a Microsoft-based desktop. This is because the solution lets companies run a combination of Web-based applications and Linux on their existing PCs, netbooks and thin clients. ...

IBM Lotus General Manager Bob Picciano got his licks in: "If a company is a 'Windows shop,' at some point it will need to evaluate the significant costs of migrating its base to Microsoft's next desktop and bolstering its defenses against virus and other attacks."
Good quotes in the article from Forrester analyst Sheri McLeish as well.

Other coverage visible on Bob Sutor's blog.

Link: eWeek: IBM, Ubuntu Cloud Collaboration Package Seeks to Cut Down Microsoft Windows 7 >

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