Can I claim dibs on being the first non-MS person to say this sounded like a bad idea?  I guess maybe I'm a little more biased than these...

Peter Pawlack of Directions on Microsoft is quoted in Information Week, Analyst Criticizes Microsoft Making Exchange 12 Only 64-Bit :

"Only a small subset of the Exchange customer base needs the kind of scalability that 64-bit provides," he said.

"I think Microsoft is creating as many problems as it's solving with Exchange 12. If there was some capability available only in 64-bit, such as a much greater level of security, then that would be an acceptable reason for going solely with 64-bit.
The same article quotes Gartner's Matt Cain and Stephen Kleynhans:
"The change will make the typical Exchange version migration slower and more complex"
and on the same story, Ferris Research's blog features an alternate view from Richi Jennings (and input from Julie Farris):'s illustrative of the fact that Exchange scales relatively poorly in the real world. This is because it requires quite high disk I/O bandwidths to read and write its message store database.
A betting man would say that this is a decision that won't stick... like so many other things the Exchange team has announced in the last five years.

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