The June 27 issue of Fortune contains an interview with Microsoft's Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie.  The article subtitled "The Future of E-mail" is free for all, and contains Gates espousing about such things as whitelists and blacklists in Exchange and asserting that "every e-mail I've ever sent has been looked at by 30 or 40 lawyers".  What a claim to fame....
Anyway, online at, we find a longer version of the interview (for subscribers only, unfortunately).  The longer version contains this dialog, which makes it worth the price of admission:

Fortune: How much has Microsoft wanted to beat Notes?
Gates: There are two ways to think of Notes. One is as an e-mail product, and the other is as a deep collaboration product. Microsoft competed with Notes as e-mail. We never matched Notes in some of the collaborative features.
Now, I'm not sure about the use of past tense here, but any which way, an on-the-record acknowledgement of Microsoft's checkered collaboration past.
Link: Fortune: Gates and Ozzie Get Into the Groove > (Fortune subscribers only)

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