From Mexico to Munich

February 24 2008

After a few days at home, I'm heading to Germany this afternoon for some customer meetings and internal training.  Unfortunately, this week's schedule is packed, without time for even an informal bier.  But as long as I'll be in Munich for part of the trip, I probably should pay the 40 euro fine I got last time I was there.  I had the wrong train ticket (the first and only time, anywhere in Germany, where I was checked for a valid ticket on an U- or S-bahn) and, as I was only in Europe for a few hours that trip (very long story), I didn't have enough cash to pay the fine on the spot..  So, time to clear the conscience on that one.

On Thursday, I return from Europe to guest lecture for a couple of classes at DePaul University, including "The Impact of Computing on Society" and for one of their online learning classes.

Next week, I'll be in San Francisco for Lotusphere Comes to You on March 6.  I may also stop by the LCTY in Washington DC on the 13th, and for sure I will be speaking at the Chicago event on March 18.  The list of LCTY events keeps growing, so hopefully you'll find one near you, if you haven't already...

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