Full marks to IBM Lotus

March 20 2006

A nice posting on the developerWorks:Lotus Notes/Domino 6/7 forum...

We were due to start work on a release for R7 early next quarter, so I decided to have a "first look" at what the work would entail. After downloading and installing R7 - a process which went absolutely seamlessly - I dropped our code into a fresh R7 database constructed from the standard mail template, made the (very few) necessary changes as documented for R6, and let it run. It works! Not one line of code had to be modified, not one glitch, not one bug!

We work in paralel with an Outlook project that does exactly the same thing. They have a team of many programmers, designers, QA, testers etc etc, and they've never achieved a successful upgrade (on-time, inside budget) yet. Here I am, on my own, with a major new Notes release, and I'm ready months in advance, and it's for free!
Investment protection -- it's not just a slide in my presentations, it's a real-world major differentiator. (Thanks, Alan)

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