"Hannover" screen shots

August 2 2005

"Hannover" inbox / overview view -- mail, calendar, RSS, activities..."Peripheral vision":
Image:"Hannover" screen shots

"Hannover" contact record: drag&drop to create; find/track activities as well as information
Image:"Hannover" screen shots

"Hannover" activities view:
Manage activities productively

"Composite" applications:
Use existing Notes 6/7 applications, interacting with other components

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  1. 1  Andrew Pollack http://www.thenorth.com/apblog |

    Ed, a great deal of this seems to stem from the presumed ability to locate and classify similar content. Its a neat idea, but one that we found was harder than it looks with KDS.

    It will be interesting to watch progress.

  1. 2  Jim Boling  |

    Cool stuff. I have a home-grown version that, while not nearly as slick as the above, does show me:

    - related e-mails

    - related contacts with IM-readiness, sorted by relevance

    - related personal and public documents

    - associated Notes databases (since I am developing :)

    - the "group calendar" style mini-view of my day's calendar

    all on one framed window, based on my active task (which allows me to track my time as well).

    I do this stuff mainly with private folders.

  1. 3  Michael www.kybaptist.org |

    I noticed the lack of a bookmark bar in your screenshots . . . what happened to it? Is there a feature that is taking its place?

  1. 4  Bill Geimer  |

    Very cool stuff. Its getting harder and harder to discern the differences between Domino and Workplace. I think that you have to be closer than 10 feet away now to tell them apart.

  1. 5  Ed Brill www.edbrill.com |

    @3 You'd see that on the "welcome" tab, I believe.

  1. 6  Devin Olson http://www.devinolson.net |




    No words needed, just waiting.......

  1. 7  Esther Strom  |

    For something this gorgeous, I'd be willing to abandon my beloved gray textured workspace and use bookmarks.

    Question: is that pie chart actually generated from Notes documents, or is it a graphic that was embedded in a document?

  1. 8  David Gilmore  |

    What does the new "Designer" look like? Being a developer, that's what I see a hundred times more than the end user UI, which is what these shots appear to be. (grin) This is quite a makeover, and a golden opportunity to toss a lot of "baggage" that Designer seems to be stuck with. Like bookmarks! (wink)

    I notice none of the panels are obviously tear-off, or "floatable". Are they stuck in that same window just like R4? It would be *very* cool to be able to take that cluttery set of cramped little panels and move them off the main content window. Same for the new "Designer", only more so! (chuckle)

  1. 9  David GIlmore  |

    Shoulda read further. Linux client?? Spectacular!!

  1. 10  Subhan http://slate.blogspirit.com |

    Thanks alot Ed, now I am not gonna switch :)

  1. 11  Christophe Windelen www.windelen.be |

    I just want to say this ... yes, finally!

  1. 12  Eric Bredtmann  |

    Looks pretty neat to me, hopefully the perspectives/views will be made highly customizable.

    Right now it looks like IBM put some sort of different UI-Template over the IBM Workplace client ;-)

    It would also be nice if Lotus (IBM) would think of improving the user interface compared to past Notes Versions 5.x & 6.x. e.g. like creating more context menus and adding more drag&drop functionality in order to improve the usability of Notes.

    Usability always seemed to be a huge hurdle for the Lotus Notes Dev Team, don't you agree ?

    Anyway it will be quite interesting to watch the development progress on this Client...



  1. 13  Lars Olufsen  |

    And of course, this is the Rich Client Technology Plug-In Version, right ... right ... right ??? (please)

  1. 14  Isaac Xu  |

    COOL, I think it should be shown on JavaOne.

  1. 15  Josh  |

    No this is not the Rich Client Technology Plug-In version.

    These are the screen shots for next release of Notes coming out after 1 or 2 yrs.

  1. 16  Ben Rose http://www.jaffacake.net |

    Fred, you could do that in R3 back in the last century.