A few weeks ago, Joyce Davis announced the extension of the IBM Champion Program to IBM Collaboration Solutions community, which means all of you.

The program recognizes exceptional contributors to the technical community who work alongside IBM to build solutions for a smarter planet. Champions can be found running user groups, managing websites, speaking at conferences, answering questions in online forums, writing blogs, submitting wiki articles, sharing how-to videos, and writing technical books. The IBM Champion program recognizes and thanks these innovative thought leaders, amplifying their voice and increasing their sphere of influence in the technical community.
For many years, the community has wanted an IBM-endorsed way to recognize those who have gone above and beyond in contributing to the success of IBM Lotus software in the marketplace. Well, here it is. This isn't a half-baked, let's see what happens kind of effort, but a real cross-IBM program with resources behind it.

The selection committee begins its work sorting through the nominees this week, with the hope of announcing the initial Champions next month. I'm part of that effort, and can't wait for the opportunity to formally recognize many of you who have deserved such attention and recognition for years. It would be awesome to see some long-time community contributors recognized -- you can either self-nominate or put in a nomination for other deserving individuals.

Link: IBM Champion Program - Nominations >

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