This is cool -- part of the expansion of responsibilities I have as an IBM executive is to help carry our message to broader audiences.  Later this week, the IBM Chicago Innovation Center is hosting a networking event where I'll speak on the topic of "What can collaboration and social networking do for your company?"  Trying to keep this away from being too product-focused of a discussion, and more of a general industry experience level.

Here's the theme for the networking event overall:

In order to keep our industry skills sharpened -- to compete with the best of the best, we must utilize every resource. The IBM Innovation Center in Chicago (IIC) offers a new forum -- the IBM Innovation Café! On the last Thursday of every month, we'll spotlight a specific subject -- business solutions, technical skills, hot industry topics -- items affecting today's marketplace.
Now, readers of this blog are not likely the target audience for this little get-together -- I think you likely understand this -- but that's the point, reaching out to new audiences.

Details and registration on this listing >

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