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This morning, IBM SmartCloud for Social Business offers a number of new enhancements. The service now offers blogs, including ideation blogs, and wikis. SmartCloud Notes has some administrative updates. The overall service now has Safe Harbor certification, both for the European Union and for Switzerland. And IBM Docs is now available as IBM SmartCloud Docs, either at US$3/user/month or at no additional charge as part of the SmartCloud Engage Advanced package (US$10/user/month).

My team is tremendously excited to bring IBM SmartCloud Docs to market. We took decades of experience and expertise with the basics of office productivity and delivered in a browser: standard document editing, spreadsheet arithmetic, and presentation delivery. As such, the typical user will be immensely productive in IBM SmartCloud Docs.

Some user profiles will be completely served with IBM SmartCloud Docs, such as boundary/task workers, at a far lower cost than current office productivity approaches. More advanced users will find the social documents capabilities of IBM SmartCloud Docs to be a real value-add, including real-time co-editing, secure collaboration, and the one-click integration with the social file sharing capability. Our model is people-centric, not document-centric. For the simple task of creating a document for individual use, absolutely we've got that covered. For the more typical office environment interaction of creating a document to share with others, that's where IBM SmartCloud Docs shines.

Today's update to SmartCloud Social is the first delivery of IBM Docs. In the months ahead, we will add a private cloud model for internal organizational deployments, which already has its first European customer in production. We also plan to deliver IBM Docs mobile, with an initial focus on iPad. Unlike the competition, we don't plan to charge a per-device extortion tax just to deliver via new device interfaces. (As of date of posting, more than half the respondents to that TechTarget article's survey say they will "look elsewhere" for alternatives...may I suggest!)

If you haven't tried IBM Docs in the Greenhouse over the last few months, here's the simple explanation of where and how you use IBM SmartCloud Docs. Starting in the files component of IBM SmartCloud, opening a file adds a new "edit" button.

NB: the HTML code seems to be breaking here, the link is at:

It's that easy to get into an editing session. There, you find exactly what you'd expect, as also seen above:

The act of saving the file goes right back into the individual, or shared, file repository in SmartCloud Social. As you can see in the previous screen, the decision to make this file available to others is a single click of a share button, with built-in version tracking and security.

File fidelity is really important, and we offer compatibility with both Microsoft Office and the OpenOffice/Symphony family. The document above originated as a Word template and was edited in Symphony and is now easily working in the SmartCloud Docs environment. All with only two clicks to bring it in and get going.

Want to learn more about IBM SmartCloud Docs? There are plenty of resources. Today the SmartCloud Social website is updated; the spec sheet is available here; there is also a channel announcement. Later this week there will be a press release.
On December 13, TechRepublic will be hosting a webcast featuring IBM Docs product manager Sean Brown, along with Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst of Aragon Research. There will be sessions at IBM Connect 2013, and many other opportunities to learn ahead.

Congratulations to the whole team for bringing IBM Docs to life in SmartCloud. The interest we have seen in having a strong and viable IBM-supported entry in this space is about to get real.

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