IBM's 2005 annual report is out, and with it is a 40-page booklet called, "It's a great time to be an innovator".  There's a cool flash version of this booklet available online.  Really nice stuff, very forward-thinking and forward-looking.

One of the case studies profiled in the booklet is how IBM is helping communities address road congestion through user tolls/charges.  I experienced this first-hand last week in Stockholm.  My hotel was located in the city center, but the Lotusphere Comes to You event was held at IBM's offices in Kista, outside the city.  Upon leaving the center of town, I noticed an electronic toll "gate" over the roadway, with the toll amount displayed electronically.  According to the IBM case study, the toll amount changes based on time of day, and has the ability to charge via electronic toll tag or OCR scan of a license plate.  Impressive stuff, and it has helped reduce congestion by 25% in only one month's time.

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