Very cool -- the NFL Media Portal, a site for over 3,500 journalists to access for stats, information, and resources, is an IBM project:

Behind this dynamic NFL Web presence is IBM's industry top-ranked collaboration portal technology for corporate Web sites providing a personalized experience that unleashes information on demand. The IBM portal has also helped NFL Communications team streamline and manage several critical media interactions during the football season, including centralizing the media credentials management process and distributing periodic officiating review and rule change videos.

The IBM portal technology also added dynamic content such as video and audio clips and allowed the league to update content from remote locations, enabling real-time information updates as they happen during games in progress. Seeking to continue effectively serving one of its key audiences and to be the primary source of up-to-the-minute and authentic football information, the NFL decided to revamp its media Web site by building a robust extranet portal that could accommodate spikes in usage as well as dynamic content. The portal also needed to enable the league's communications arm to publish, share and manage information on the site remotely and in real time.
The press release details how the site is built, using WebSphere Portal, Rational Application Developer and testing tools, and IBM BladeCenters.  

Link: IBM, NFL Bring Super Bowl Records to the World >

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