On a webcast watched live by 2000 people, earlier today, IBM announced a plan for a public beta of IBM Notes/Domino 9.0 Social Edition. The beta is expected to be available on December 14, and you can register for the beta today via http://bit.ly/ND9BETA .

If you were unable to join us for the webcast, a replay will be available starting tomorrow morning via On24.

Notes/Domino Social Edition was first unveiled at Lotusphere 2012, and has been in development for more than a year. We decided to release a public beta, the first in a long time for Notes/Domino, because of the importance of the release. That was also the consideration that lead to putting the 9.0 version number on the beta, rather than the 8.5.4 we have previously announced.

The plan for Notes/Domino Social Edition calls for availability in Q1 2013, subject to change and all the usual disclaimers.

The decision to call Social Edition beta "9.0" is the right one, but leads to some questions. Yes, there will still be an 8.5.4 maintenance release, with no new features, sometime in 2013. A "dot zero" release is legendary in the IT industry as being the one you play with, waiting for a bug fix release. Except that the DNA of this release is what we have been building as 8.5.4, and carries with that all the stability and reliability of the 8.5 codestream. The 9.0 beta will show that though there are many new features, they are built upon the same solid architecture as the entire 8.5 series. We want you to deploy the dot zero, and we will stand behind it with every confidence.

A version number increment is designed to do several things: create buzz in the market, including awareness from the industry press and analysts who might not pay attention to a "mod" point release; convey vendor confidence in the product and its value; indicate longevity of the product; and signal the delta in new features and capabilities. Thus, it only makes sense to call a version that adds embedded experiences, a modernized user interface, new mail and calendar features, the Notes browser plug-in, SAML support, Traveler support for Windows Phone 7.5/8.0 devices and on the IBM i operating system, new XPages features, and more.... 9.0.

The same message of confidence is why this beta is also the point where Notes/Domino will join other IBM software solutions in sporting only the IBM brand--the second-most valuable brand in the world. It's also why we showed a roadmap for the next three years in the community broadcast section of today's event, and have indicated that the 8.5 release will be supported through at least 2016.

There were many other topics discussed on the call, including plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Lotusphere at IBM Connect 2013. Thank you to Eric Petersen of the Salvation Army, Lance Spellman of Workflow Studios, Daniel Lieber of IIUI, and Bruce Elgort of Elguiji for their contributions to today's announcements.

There were over 200 questions submitted during the webcast and community call. We will post answers to them either in the IBM Collaboration Solutions community area on Greenhouse, or here on my blog. Additional videos of Notes/Domino 9 Social Edition beta will be posted to YouTube and other channels soon as well. And in 30 days, you'll get to check it out first-hand.

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