Earlier today, IBM announced a new model for per-processor licensing called "processor value units".  Processor Value Unit details are found on IBM.com's Passport Advantage website.  In a nutshell, instead of licensing IBM software server products on a per-processor basis, they will be licensed based on value units.  This is a step forward in better mapping multi-core processors or virtualization approaches to appropriate licensing and pricing.

From CNET News.com, New server order, new IBM software pricing:

Eventually, IBM will move toward a pay-per-use, "utility computing" model. "That's the way we're going to address virtualization down the road," Tieszen said. "We're not announcing that today, but we're definitely headed in that direction."
The article also mentions that today's announcement doesn't change any of the actual pricing of any of the IBM software server products.  It's the first step in a transition.  

One piece of that transition falls on individual brands and products.  Lotus Domino today does not offer any sub-capacity licensing.  I get the sense that this is becoming a more frequently asked question, but I don't know at this moment what the end-goal of the question is.  So for those who are asking, what would you like to see happen as far as sub-capacity or multi-core licensing and pricing for Domino?  This is a non-binding question, of course, but I am hoping to get some useful insight.  If the answer is "we just want to pay less for Domino", that dog doesn't really hunt -- unless you have an idea how that translates into IBM growing and maintaining the Domino business.

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