Take a few days of holidays, and see what happens... IBM Workplace Designer 2.5 is now available.

CRN, IBM Queues up Workplace Designer, Notes/Domino 7 Shipments:

IBM executives said Workplace Designer suits both highly proficient developers and relative novices. "You can drag something onto a page, preview it to see what it looks like, tweak it and put it into production very quickly. You can do very useful things with not a lot of lines of code," said James Russell, director of application development tools for IBM's Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Group, usually known as Lotus.

IBM will also continue to offer Domino Designer for Domino-centric developers and a host of other tools for server programming. It also will continue to offer Domino Designer for Domino developers, Russell said. Workplace Designer acts as a kind of bridge between the Java-based Workplace world and the Domino realm by letting Domino developers preserve their investment in Domino scripting tools.
CNET news.com, IBM Launches Development Tools for Workplace:
Included in the new Workplace Designer package are set of preset forms and scripts presented in a visual development environment that promise companies the ability to create composite applications using a drag-and-drop interface. IBM has also included a number of sample collaboration components that developers can use to build their own tools.

Additional components built into the package include tools for adding blogging programs, project management tools, contact management lists and online discussion forums to Workplace's existing features. The system is also capable of importing forms from IBM's Lotus Domino applications to use in building new Workplace applications.

IBM said that more than 2,000 developers have accessed a beta version of the development package since it was first made available in June.
SearchDomino.com, IBM Officially Releases Workplace Designer 2.5 Development Tool :
Workplace Designer is a scripting tool based on JavaScript, but because it and Domino Designer share the same views, data connections and logic, it will allow Domino developers to build Workplace components using methods they are familiar with. "It looks almost identical to Domino Designer - the same icons, the same window pane," said Dirk Nicol, program director of IBM Workplace Application Platform. "For instance, we've taken JavaScript and extended it to similar constructs and syntax, like @ functions."

According to Dick McCarrick, a content developer for developerWorks: Lotus, "If your background is in Notes/Domino programming, you can think of Workplace Designer as a tool for providing Domino Designer type application development functionality to the IBM Workplace family of products. But Domino Designer will still be available as the primary tool for developing applications within a Notes/Domino environment, he noted. With Workplace Designer, Nicol added, IBM was able "to take a lot of functionality based on Eclipse -- code complete, color coding of classes and objects within classes you're writing, and an advanced IDE experience - and make it available to the Domino developer community."

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