Hot off the presses this morning is IBM's 2011 Tech Trends report. More than 4000 IT professionals from all over the world -- 93 countries -- participated in the survey. The results cover a wide range of topics, including analytics, mobile, cloud, and social -- a buzzword bingo!

In mobility, I was intrigued by the following, "Planned mobile development platforms":

Image:IBM’s 2011 Tech Trends report

In the realm of social,

Forty-eight percent of respondents cited “adoption by employee and/or customer” as a concern when adopting a social business solution. Different countries appear to have different comfort levels with this drive for critical mass. India is already embracing social business adoption very strongly (57%), followed by the U.S. (45%) and China (44%). Russia shows the strongest resistance (19%).
The report is a quick read with clear points well-made. For sure it is worth a click-through...

Link: developerworks: IBM's 2011 Tech Trends Report >

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