This is not what I wanted to hear on my last scheduled night in Tel Aviv....

Israel's largest trade union on Tuesday announced it was launching a sweeping general strike at daybreak that would shut down the country's only international airport and many other services. ...

The strike is set to begin on Wednesday at 6 a.m. (0400 GMT) and has no end date. In the past, such strikes have lasted for days, costing the market millions of dollars (euros) in losses. Last-minute contacts are underway to avert the strike.
When I said that I had no pre-planned itinerary for my free time, this isn't really what I had in mind.

Well, however tomorrow unfolds, it will just add more texture to what has been a fascinating time in Israel.  Some observations from the last few days:
  • At 2 PM today, Israel had a test of the national emergency sirens.  We knew about it a few hours in advance, and it seemed everyone else did too -- nobody seemed to flinch despite the noise.  
  • During a customer meeting today, I met someone with the last name of "Brill"!  He said his family has been in Israel for six generations (!), and that someone in the family has done all the genealogy to trace their roots back to the 13th century!  Further, he said they could trace origins to the part of Europe that has sometimes been Russia, sometimes been Romania.  This could be really interesting, because my father's family originates from Romania.
  • There was a wedding in the hotel last night, yes, on a Monday night.  Of course in Israel there are no religious weddings on Friday or Saturday due to the Jewish Sabbath.  Still, I didn't realize that necessitated them being weeknight affairs.

I should really go to sleep soon, but I am kinda stressed out about whether I'm heading to Portugal or not tomorrow....

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