Ideas before their time...

Boeing published a survey of 3,200 airline passengers in April that seemed to indicate that the airborne Net would soar in popularity. The survey found that 83 percent said Internet availability would have an impact on their future travel plans and choice of airline. Of those who actually used the service, called Connexion, 92 percent said they would recommend it. ...

Ken Dulaney at the research firm Gartner in San Jose, California, predicted the system would rise again. "It seems clear to me there is a business there, just not the way Boeing built it," he said. "There will be a fire sale of Boeing's investments and then someone will take over this niche market."

Dulaney drew a parallel with the Iridium global satellite-based telephone system that collapsed shortly after completion, but is still operational under new ownership.
After a week in a city where every coffee shop, motel, diner, and Chinese take-out has wifi, it's mind-boggling to me that Boeing found this business unworkable (though admittedly, in almost all those places, it's free...).  I have only been on three flights where it was available, but I used it all three times.  Frankly, the fact that no domestic US airline had this service yet limited awareness that the concept even existed.  I'm sure there were other issues, but I for one will be disappointed if it goes off-air.

Link: Boeing: In-flight Internet didn't fly on low demand >

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