John Roling, aka Greyhawk68, contributes this article to Intranet Journal.  Great to see some exposure outside the core Notes/Domino community for OpenNTF projects such as DominoWiki, domBulletin, Blogsphere, etc.

One clarification:

IBM has really gotten the value of a business blog, and recently obtained the services of Steve Castledine. Steve created one of the first and most popular Domino blogging templates, dominoblog. With Steve's hiring, dominoblog "will be integrated into the IBM product set."

At this point we're not sure what that means, but there have been several rumors over the last year about IBM providing a blogging template natively in Domino. An IBM-branded version of dominoblog could be just the thing.
Actually, we are sure what it means.  At Lotusphere 2006, IBM indicated that the 7.0.2 release of Domino will include a blogging template.  That template will be based on Steve's DominoBlog work.  Details still to be announced, but that is absolutely the plan.

Anyway, here's the link.  Intranet Journal: Enhance Your Lotus Intranet with Open Source Solutions > (Thanks, Duffbert)  Good job, John R!

This reminds me, I realized the other day that I need to write more about the 7.0.2 release.  7.0.2 is going to have a lot of new stuff, all of it completely optional but likewise all of it interesting and innovative:
  • IBM Lotus Notes access for SAP solutions -- seven use cases for integrating Notes mail/calendar/contacts with SAP systems
  • A weblog template
  • An RSS feed template -- note this isn't a core code change, it's a database which aggregates information from other Notes databases and publishes them as RSS feeds.  I'll be writing more about it in the coming days.
  • "Nomad" (current codename, formerly "Wanda") -- A complete, functioning, supported Notes install to a portable USB memory key, for enhanced roaming user support
  • Improvements to iCalendar support
  • Notes 7 on Macintosh (Power and Intel); Domino Web Access support on Macintosh/Firefox
  • Notes 7 on Linux via the IBM Workplace Managed client 2.6.1
  • SmartUpgrade "run as admin" utility -- which will work with previous releases of Notes but is shipping with 7.0.2

I'll start to cover more of this over the next week, with both Admin2006 and DNUG/IBM Lotus Technical Forum presentations on tap.

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