This morning, Jess Stratton has blogged about her new Lotus Notes end-user training video on

Back in October, I was given the opportunity to create a training course for new users of the 8.5.3 Lotus Notes client for, the premiere software training and tutorials website. Together with the producers, we came out with a solid outline that every Notes user needs to know. The course is designed so that a user can sit down, and in 2.5 hours, know everything they need to know about the client to get started and be productive.
Jess's video is a 2.5 hour immersion in all things Lotus Notes, designed to help with all the basic functions of the Notes mail/calendar/contracts/applications environment.

Congratulations to Jess for the first Notes-related content on, a site dedicated to online software training. Her success in producing content there stems from a social business success story. In September, 2011, a content manager from contacted me about potentially producing such a video. Though I had never heard of at the time, I took the producer's request to Twitter and Facebook. Feedback from followers was not only validating of how important is, but also came up with several potential candidates to produce the video.

I assembled a list of ten candidates, and gave two of them strong endorsements. For one specifically I wrote,
Jess Stratton would come with a strong personal recommendation as she lives and breathes end-user training.
At Lotusphere, Jess mentioned that she was going to go ahead with the video production, and now it's live and available for the masses.

If you are looking for an expert end-user online tutorial in Lotus Notes, check it out!

Link: Solace Learning: + Jess = New Lotus Notes client training videos >
Link: Up and Running with Lotus Notes >

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