Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to a press event which IBM software held earlier this week, entitled "The future of social networks".  David Weinberger did, though, and has a very detailed writeup:

They're talking about 1) Social Nets Analytics, a "solution" [yech, I hate that term -- What product isn't a solution? Can-opener= Your sealed can solution. Plunger = Your crap won't go down solution] that tracks and analyzes what's being said about you on in blogs, feeds, articles...; 2) Appliki, an "application wiki" [= JotSpot competitor, = Why aren't we using Notes for this?]; 3) Jamalyzer, productizing what IBM uses in its "jams," multi-day cross-company conversations; 4) dogear social bookmarking service [= del.icio.us + "authentication," i.e. The Folksonomy Torquer]; 5) Fringe, a productiziation of IBM's internal employee phonebook [ = Friendster without the condoms]; Web Activity Management, what seems to be a portal for tracking all your business activities and communications [ = Big Blue Brother]; 6) Blog and Wiki Central, IBM's internal blog aggregator.
The question occurs in his writeup as to why Notes wasn't more a part of the discussion.  It's a good question and one I'll be poking around a bit when I get back to the ranch this afternoon.  I'm certain there is very strong awareness amongst those who particpated of the blog, wiki, RSS work that's been done with Notes/Domino to-date.

Anyway, check out Weinberger's description of several of the other projects, as well as the discussion during the day.  My key takeaway -- IBM software gets social software, and the IBM research team is intent on continuing their efforts in this space.  We've already seen productized projects like Activity Explorer, let's hope some more of these make the same progression.

Link: Joho the Blog: IBM shows del.icio.us for the enterprise, and more >

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