The business section of today's Kansas City Star features an overview of the blogging world, with interviews and quotes from bloggers at IBM (Brian Doyle and me), Microsoft, Sprint, Garmin, and many others.
"It's become an expectation that if you have a business, you have a blog," said John Jantsch, a Kansas City marketing coach and active blogger for several years. "Consumers are looking to find a community around your service. They're looking to have conversations with companies about the products they're using." ...

IBM encourages employees to blog and set up a "Blog Central" site on the company's intranet to spotlight the work of IBM bloggers. The company also set up templates to help bloggers get started.
"We're a company of experts," said Brian Doyle, a spokesman for IBM. "We're about encouraging these people to interact, and that leads to breakthrough thinking and innovation."
Lots more at Link: Kansas City Star: The bottom line on blogging >
Image:Kansas City Star: The bottom line on blogging

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