The man most qualified to be the Notes historian at IBM speaks about the Notes/Domino 7 release:

"Having such a long history is a great strength, of course," he says, "but it can also be a potential weakness because people think, okay, you've been around so long, you must no longer be relevant. In fact in one of my desk drawers I have a stack of articles, collected over the years, in which some pundit or another declares Notes dead, or no longer relevant.

"It turns out," he continues, "that each of these articles corresponds to a significant shift in the IT landscape -- and, not coincidentally, to a period of increased growth for Notes. And I think we've continued growing, and continued to prove the pundits wrong, because of the eye we've kept on collaboration market demands over the years, and because of the rapid pace of development and innovation we've established to meet those demands."
Link: Notes/Domino 7 release a chance to reflect on decades of leadership -- and to anticipate the future >

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