As my travel plans for next week are finally complete, it seems that there is an opportunity to put together a tweetup in London for Friday evening, the 29th of May.  I will be in the city during the day for customer meetings, so seems like it would be nice to see some of my friends and readers in London that evening.  Haven't picked a location yet, though on my last visit I became quite partial to the cluster of restaurants and the like along the Thames near Waterloo and the London Eye...maybe something there.

I know that there is also something called "minibar" that night, but that is sold out with a waitlist, and, well, I'm not really looking to sit through a bunch of presentations on a Friday night :-)

Posted this a short time ago on Twitter, and heard already from @mattwhite, @jonmell, @stuartmcintyre, @smcrae, @andypiper, @naquada, @mcalleran, @gazrose, @kerrrainey, @mrports @reesmf.  Post here or Tweet me and I'll make updates as the 29th approaches.  Cheers!

as of 25 May: I am planning to arrive at "Canteen" -- Royal Festival Hall, Belvedere Rd, near Waterloo Station and the Thames footbridge to Embankment -- around 5:30 PM.  Maybe earlier, we'll see.

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