So with the Domino 7 code out there today, I'm sure some are wondering what's up with the NSFDB2 feature.  It's not in the shipping code, though it is available.

As I explained at the Irish Lotus User Group last week, this feature did not get exercised sufficiently during Domino 7 beta.  It seems that a number of customers were willing to "kick the tires" during beta, but since the actual Domino 7 server was in beta, didn't go further with converting and testing large numbers of databases.  As a result, given how critical the data store is to overall Domino operations, development chose to take a conservative approach to shipping.  The last thing anyone wants is for a customer to download Domino 7 today, convert a bunch of databases to DB2 tomorrow, and have crit-sits on their hands by Thursday as a result of boundary conditions that were unanticipated or untested.  

Thus, there are two ways of working with NSFDB2 today.  The first is a Limited Availability Program.  This allows customers who are already running DB2 to apply for a special support program around Domino on DB2.  Details about the Limited Availability Program can be found here.

The second option, open to any organization, is the Feature Trial.  By registering for an activation/download key, anyone running Domino 7 can try out the NSFDB2 option.  This Feature Trial is unsupported.  The whole idea is that IBM can track customers using NSFDB2, gather more real-world feedback about how it works, and prepare to officially support the feature at 7.0.x.   Full details and registration for the Feature Trial program are available here. (Update x2: Link updated)

You'll note that there is a new and specific feedback forum for NSFDB2 (link updated).  The development and support organizations are very serious about working with customers during the Trial and Limited Availability programs.  This is a critical feature for Domino 7, and from watching session attendance at Lotusphere, Admin2005, etc., a lot of you are interested.  Let's work together to make it successful.

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