With heavy travel the last couple of weeks, I hadn't had a chance to get this blog posted before Apple released Mountain Lion earlier this week.

Lotus Notes 8.5.3 has some challenges running on Mountain Lion, which we have documented in IBM technote 159984. IBM has been working with Apple for several months in an effort to address these issues, but unfortunately there was no simple path to resolution prior to Apple's release.

Our plan is to support Notes 8.5.3 on Mountain Lion "soon" - next 30-60 days is the target - and Notes Social Edition 8.5.4 at its initial release. In fact, as Rob Novak has reported, Notes Social Edition in beta already handles these issues just fine.

The first and most impactful issue is Apple's introduction of an app called "Notes". I'm not interested in debating whether the word "Notes" in a software product is trademarked or whatever....the decision to add an app to sync notes from iOS devices is a logical and obvious one for Apple to make. But, as an OS application, the Mountain Lion install asserts supremacy and moves Lotus Notes off to the side in its own Lotus Notes folder. This could require recreating shortcuts or other desktop interactions. The technote also outlines situations where install and uninstall routines unintentionally affect each other between OS X Mountain Lion and Lotus Notes 8.5.3.

Alan Hamilton has published a suggested workaround. I'm not officially endorsing or supporting this, but several on the blogs have reported success using Alan's method. There are also concerns that the next time Apple upgrades the OS Alan's approach could have issues.

The second is the new OS X 10.8 Gatekeeper app. This new app requires software downloaded from the Internet to be signed. IBM have not yet signed the installer for Notes 8.5.3. There is a way to turn off this default setting on Gatekeeper, and our technote links to the Apple technote on how to do this. We plan to sign the Notes client installer, but doing so for 8.5.3 means issuing some kind of update for the installer etc.

Plainly I regret that we didn't have a better story for Mountain Lion on its first day, and yes as a Mac user I am well aware that Mac users typically are aggressive about deploying new versions of the operating system. Hope to have an update on this topic soon.

Link: ibm.com: Supportability Q&A about Lotus Notes and OS X 10.8 >

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