This should be my last update on the progress of the Lotus Notes Traveler client for Android OS.

Last week we signed off on a ship date...I don't want to be too precise here in case things slip a day here or there, but availability for both English and our first set of languages is scheduled for mid-December.  Yes, I had previously said it would come in November, but the short slip is to get as much into the release as possible.

A very large population of customers and partners has helped test the Notes Traveler for Android client.  1/3rd of all beta testers took the time to fill out our required quality survey, and of those, 93% voted favorably on usability and intuitiveness.  Not bad for a first release on an operating system that is relatively young compared to all the others we support.

I also had said previously that we would have a public beta, but the cycle time just didn't allow for us to do that properly.  With just a few weeks to go, it doesn't make too much sense to try to jam one in.  If you are anxious to test, let me know, but realize that our last externally-available build is now several weeks old.  The quality/capabilities of the final release are probably worth waiting for.

As those who have heard me speak in person this year know, the mobile space is one where I feel we need to move faster and more decisively.  The sands shift quickly, the competition more fierce than desktops.  There are additional vectors like web vs. native, push vs. sync, and device UI considerations.  2011 promises to be even more fun with the expansion of tablet devices, more handset manufacturers and more operating systems, and yet more innovation.  Still, with a native implementation for every major mobile platform, and IDC's blessing of IBM as the fastest-growing mobile business email platform, we are now in the leadership position.  That is an investment worth continuing.

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