In addition to the Notes/Domino 8.0.2 eGA and a beta refresh of Notes/Domino 8.5 beta, another milestone coming in the next couple of weeks is the release of Lotus Protector for Mail Security 2.1.  The web pages aren't active yet but should be over the next week...I'll post again when that content is up and running.

Lotus Protector for Mail Security is the first in a series of Protector products, designed to help with e-mail hygiene at the boundary of your organization.  The Mail Security product is an anti-spam and anti-virus appliance, deployed either as a VMWare image or as an appliance hardware/software combination.  It's scalable and proven -- the technology is based on IBM's acquisition of ISS in 2006 and their Proventia products.

Lotus Protector for Mail Security is priced per-user (final pricing will be announced) and is competitive with other boundary appliance models.  For me, the two main points of excitement are the expansion of services provided for Notes/Domino customers as well as the eventual goal of the entire Protector line.  When we add in modules like mail security and data loss prevention, the whole of the story will be very compelling.  Other future plans include direct integration of the capabilities and management into Notes and Domino.

I'll have more to say about Protector over the coming days.

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  1. 1  Chris Miller |

    Yeah, the web pages are weak still, but I did a long pocast with the Protector team after lotusphere. They gave a lot of good info

    { Link }

  1. 2  Bruce Elgort |


    Now that's funny so did we { Link }

  1. 3  Ed Brill |

    and the Protector team (myself, Arthur Fontaine, etc.) would be happy to do updated Podcasts in September once the product is released...

  1. 4  Kevin Mort |

    We've got someone focused on ISS so we'll likely be adding Protector to the mix in my collab solutions stack.

    Good stuff. We'll put it up in our labs as either a VM or perhaps a physical box, whichever's easier for us to get ahold of. : )

  1. 5  Arthur Fontaine  |

    Thanks Ed et al.... In addition to the standard presentations and demos, we have some fun things in the can and ready to go on launch date. Watch this space!

  1. 6  Bruce Elgort |

    @Ed - you know where to find us. Can't wait.

  1. 7  Andrew Tjecklowsky  |

    Will Lotus Protector be available as native IBM i application (AS/400, System i) or at least be able to run inside a Linux partition (SUSE) on this platform?

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