As we get close to a Q4 2010 release of Lotus Symphony 3.0, the development team has begun to scope out the subsequent feature release for the product.  As with many of our development organizations, they listen closely to the input on Elguji's as a source of feedback and weighting for future features.

The Symphony lab team has posted a number of the feature requests that they have received or imagined into the IdeaJam already.  There are some great ideas already posted, such as the one above, and you can vote on those as well as submitting your own.  Check out the Symphony category for all the feature ideas.

I have to say, a part of me was extremely uncomfortable as I reviewed the feature ideas posted here.  We -- IBM, by contributing these ideas -- are essentially highlighting here some of the limitations of Symphony, even ones that will be in the 3.0 release.  In other products, I would be extremely hesitant, and would probably have dashed off a note asking someone to "take those down before the competition makes an issue out of them".

In Symphony, though, what's the risk?  It's a free product designed not just to be a really great office productivity tool, but also to create competitive pressure (technology and price-wise) in the market.  We are doing a great release in 3.0 and are committed to continue to deliver a compelling experience.  You can help us decide what's important in moving forward.

Link: Lotus Symphony IdeaSpace >

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