As we get closer to Orlando departures (some are leaving even today and tomorrow), final preparation activity for Lotusphere continues.  We had a prep call yesterday with several of the panelists for Tuesday morning's "innovator's panel", which I wrote about a few times last month.  
The good news: Esther Dyson, the panel moderator, and the other panelists are interested in taking audience questions as part of this session, which reflects on the history of Notes and considers the future.  The bad news: Logistically, the Dolphin North Hemisphere room isn't set up to easily field questions from the floor.

Knowing how interested readers here have been in this session, I'm proposing a way to manage this as best as possible.  If you have a question that you'd like to see the panelists (some IBM, some industry, some customers) discuss in this session, e-mail it to me @work.  We won't have time for all questions, but I'll review the best ones with Esther Dyson and we'll incorporate them into the panel.

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