Yay, stars aligning...

Darren Adams announced earlier today:

the announcement of Lotusphere Comes To You in Edinburgh. The event will be held on Thursday 28th May at the Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh. The plan is to have the same agenda as the London and Manchester events.
I will be there!  I've not spent a single night in Scotland before, so I'm excited for this stop on this year's world tour.  

I'll be coming in to Edinburgh from the Norwegian Lotus Software Brukergruppe meeting in T√łnsberg, where I'll be speaking on May 27th.  Also a new spot, and as Darren says, in both places the sun is going to be out until late in the evening...oh and I see Paul Mooney is the other keynote speaker at this event.  Very cool.

So if I add this up, I think by the end of May, I'll have spoken at events to somewhere around 3000 IBM Lotus customers and business partners.  Me myself alone.  Sign of a healthy marketplace.

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