Mary Beth Raven is posting on behalf of IBM's Information Development content team:

We  are looking to work with customers LIKE YOU on a regular basis to learn more about how you use (um, OR NOT...)  our technical information (product help, information centers, training materials, release notes, and so on), and how we can improve what we deliver to you.
The questions and interest on the blog posting are both tactical (about some of the newly-launched technical information wikis) and more strategic:
  • Learn more about how you use our technical information and what your specific needs are
  • Make improvements to our current deliverables
  • Show some of our new deliverables as they are still in development, so we can get early feedback and make changes before we release
So, shoot on over to Mary Beth's blog to find out more, and if you are interested,  send an email to with the subject "Request to work with Lotus IDC".

Link: Mary Beth Raven: Help shape the future of the IBM technical information wikis  >

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