Great to see IBM's leadership in this space recognized.... "IBM has the largest community of employees actively involved in social media on earth."


IBM claims to have the largest corporate network of employees using social media today, with more than 200,000 employees on LinkedIn, the same amount on Facebook and 70,000 members of its in-house social network “SocialBlue.”

Company wide, IBM encourages the use of social media and says it has invested “heavily” in social media tools to help employees collaborate more effectively. In order to help employees understand what is expected of them in the social space, IBM first published its “IBM Social Computing Guidelines” in 2005 and since then the guidelines have been revised by employees three times.

As far as a specific social media team goes, there’s a small group of employees at IBM Corporate that provide support and education to the much wider social media team made up of hundreds of IBM employees across different business units and geographies who focus on embedding social media into their respective functions.

In fact, the company’s goal is “to use social media to really transform communications and results both internally and externally and to instill this way of working throughout the IBM company.”
During yesterday's IBM Lotus Technical Information and Education community call, the question was raised as to how more of the IBM Lotus brand executives could be encouraged to participate in social media.  I have to admit, the time pressures are not going to work for everyone in a role like this.  Especially those that work in actual offices and sit in face to face meetings, it is very hard to have the active awareness of the social communities that I can do from here in my home office while often multitasking.  There are MANY more readers than participators, and in the end I would very much say that social media actively influences our decision-making process.  

IBM is a social business, as I said last week.  But embracing that approach does not mean everyone needs to participate in every channel.  For example, I have steadfastly refused to blog on the internal Lotus Connections implementation.  If I am going to take the time to blog, I want it to reach you as customers/partners/marketplace more than I need to reach IBM colleagues.  Other roles within IBM are more well-suited to the internal discussions on Connections.  It's a matter of understanding audience and community that is most relevant.

Anyway, the Mashable story is pretty cool, and props to Adam Christensen for being the champion for our efforts here.

Link: Mashable: 4 Top Employers for Social Media Professionals >

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