Mastering XPages

February 8 2011

It feels like we're onto something.

Image:Mastering XPages

Just before Lotusphere, IBM Press released Mastering XPages, A Step-by-Step Guide to XPages Application Development and the XSP Language.  The authors -- Martin Donnelly, Mark Wallace, Tony McGuckin -- are all part of the XPages development team, and have penned nearly 800 Xpages ...err, pages... to get you going in XPages.

Well, they sold out at Lotusphere.  First time ever, from what I heard.  More than any other IBM Press book at an IBM conference.  None of this surprises me, because learning XPages is the single most-important activity you can undertake if you want to be on top of the game in building Domino applications.  

Why is it time to master XPages?  Just look at what Brian Benz has done. In an eight-part video series, Benz documents the Deloitte Recap website -- built on XPages and Domino and built for business.  Brian had a great session at Lotusphere, and the videos show what he did and why he did it.

So, buy the book. You can get a 35% discount by using coupon code IBM6318 and the IBM Press link above.  The book is also on Amazon worldwide.

Some great reviews have been published.  There's no question of the book's usefulness, and the results when you build apps in XPages.  

Congratulations to Martin, Mark, and Tony on this book.  And best to all of you busily turning its (real | virtual) pages.

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