I wasn't the only one who said "wow" when the earth moved under Microsoft Exchange the other day (ref: Exchange 12: 64 bit only?).  Some other blogger views:
Andrew Pollack:

Exchange 12 will do what every previous version of Exchange has been targeted to do. It will have enough new features and bug fixes along with performance gains that users will want to move to it, and in order to move to it new operating systems will have to be sold by the truckload.

Microsoft is and has always been about LEVERAGE. To run the newest THING you need the new OTHERTHING, which means the new OTHERSTUFF.....etc...etc...etc...
Alex Scoble:
Firms that are already on decent hardware and have Exchange 2003 will find this hard to swallow. ...
At any rate, this will probably push companies that are looking to upgrade their collaboration infrastructure to look at other packages such as Scalix or Open Xchange.
or perhaps Lotus Domino, Alex?

Ferris Research:
64-bit support makes great sense and is good for everyone.
You can read my comments on Ferris's site for why I don't agree with that.  (Also picked up by Tom Duff).

Some other responses are linked in the previous thread.  Net net -- I'm glad Notes/Domino still stands for investment protection, not rip-and-replace.

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